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… when starting your entertainment business….

Think inside the "Biz Box"
The U. S. Small Business Administration (SBA) reports that most start-up businesses fail because of a lack of cash flow and a lack of proper business structure. An entertainment company that is properly structured will have a constant cash flow because the entertainment industry is a cash flow industry. Money is moved from the consumer’s pocket into the artist’s/ entertainer’s/ performer’s pocket through ticket sells, merchandise sells, and various other revenue streams. Additionally, the artist / entertainer/ performer who is properly positioned in the marketplace should be receiving corporate dollars in the way of sponsorships, product placement, and endorsements.

The "Biz Box" Series contains the legal contracts, business forms, and marketing plans necessary to set up a successful entertainment business. Each box contains the basic forms and a lecture may be ordered to explain how to use each of the forms. MJ recommends tailoring the forms in the Biz Box Series to fit your business needs. When starting your entertainment business MJ recommends you Think inside the Biz Box." In marketing your entertainment business, MJ urges you to forget how to even spell the word bock, bots, boch……..well, you get the picture.
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"Mary Jane Hancock is a rarity in today's entertainment business - a lawyer who has it together AND has her eye out for the artists."
Ian Varley of Drop Trio,, Music Producers for ‘Freedom’ for Solange Knowles for the ‘Johnson Family Vacation’ soundtrack

DISCLAIMER: The forms provided in the BIZ BOX Series are templates of basic legal forms representing boilerplate language used in drafting legal contracts in common law. MJ Hancock urges each person using a form from the BIZ BOX Series to completely read each form and decide which part of the form fits his/her business purpose. If the person reading the form does not understand the form, MJ Hancock recommends seeking legal counsel from a competent entertainment attorney. MJ’s services may be retained by contacting her via the ‘retain’ or ‘contact’ button on this website. Nothing in the BIZ BOX Series is considered legal advice nor does MJ Hancock offer legal advice in the BIZ BOX Series.
"I don’t think I’ve written the word ubiquitous before but it perfectly describes MJ. When it comes to music and popular culture in Houston, this attorney is there. I’ve yet to meet a person who doesn’t respect her integrity and the commitment she demonstrates to artists and their craft."
Ted Weisgal, Co-Founder, Co-Director, Leisure Learning Unlimited