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The Theatrical Production Company Biz Box Series:

Setting up a Theatre and Running it for a Profit -- The legal and business documents you need to create a theatrical company. A brief marketing plan is included to assist you in generating a profit.
$49.95 - w/ audio lecture - $59.95





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"MJ Hancock is a passionate advocate of the arts and arts education in the Houston community. In addition to doing pro bono legal work for local arts non-profits, Mary Jane has volunteered at the Alley Theatre's annual Career Day for high school and college students. She offers a dynamic presentation introducing the basics of entertainment law that always leaves the students asking for more!" MaryScott Hagle, The Alley Theatre,







DISCLAIMER: The forms provided in the BIZ BOX Series are templates of basic legal forms representing boilerplate language used in drafting legal contracts in common law. MJ Hancock urges each person using a form from the BIZ BOX Series to completely read each form and decide which part of the form fits his/her business purpose. If the person reading the form does not understand the form, MJ Hancock recommends seeking legal counsel from a competent entertainment attorney. MJ’s services may be retained by contacting her via the ‘retain’ or ‘contact’ button on this website. Nothing in the BIZ BOX Series is considered legal advice nor does MJ Hancock offer legal advice in the BIZ BOX Series.
In the midst of being such a newbie in this crazy film business, it was a true educational experience confiding with MJ Hancock when my first film was accepted to Sundance Film Fest and later to Cannes Film Fest. When the film was picked up by Gus van Sant and John Cameron Mitchell as Executive Producers, I needed legal help. MJ was there for me during such an important part of my understanding of how the industry functions. She conveyed contract terms to me in plain English….. and I comprehended the process." Jonathan Caouette, Filmmaker, ‘Tarnantion